Terms and Conditions

A. Drivers/Licence
All hirers and drivers must be between 25 and 70 years of age and must produce a full valid licence which has been held for at least 12 months, with a maximum six points and is free from any bans/disqualifications within the last 5 years. Additional identification (bank statement or a utility bill will also be required). Only the hirer and drivers approved at the time of hire are permitted to drive the vehicle.

B. General Information
The Hirer must inspect the vehicle and any accessories we provide before the Hirer takes the vehicle. If the Hirer is not satisfied with the vehicle or any accessories or if the Hirer does not think the condition of the vehicle meets our pre-rental inspection report, the Hirer must notify the Lessor within 2 working hours. In the absence of such notice, it shall be deemed that the Hirer received the vehicle and any accessories in perfect working order.

C. General Conditions
i. Where the person signing this Agreement on behalf of the Hirer is not the Hirer, he warrants that he is authorised to sign for the Hirer, and is jointly and severally liable with the Hirer under this Agreement.
ii. Neither the Hirer, nor any servant or agent of the Hirer nor any authorised driver, may hold himself out to be, the servant or agent of the lessor for any purpose whatsoever.
iii. The Lessor is not liable for loss of or damage to any property stored or transported in or on the vehicle. Nor does the Lessor accept responsibility for any property left in or on the vehicle when it returns to the Lessor's possession. The Hirer will indemnify the Lessor against any claims relating to any such property.
iv. The Vehicle may not without the prior written consent of the Lessor be removed from the Mainland of England, Wales and Scotland.
v. The vehicle may not without prior written consent of the Lessor be used to propel or tow any other vehicle or any trailer. The vehicle must not be driven in a manner which would render void the policy or other contract of insurance or in contravention of any Road Traffic Act or Construction and Use Regulations, or by any person who is not licensed to drive the vehicle or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, nor must it be driven in the event of mechanical, electrical or structural failure or damage, if further damage might thereby be caused.
vi. It is a breach of this Agreement for the Hirer to fail to return the vehicle to the Lessor at the end of the rental period, and the damages payable for such breach will be the rental charges that would be payable on the Lessor's current tariff for the period until the Lessor recovers the vehicle or receives the full value thereof.
vii. The Hirer is not authorised to effect repairs to the vehicle costing more than £25 without the Lessor's prior consent. Save to the extent that there may be an excess on the Lessor's insurance that the Hirer is obliged to pay, the Lessor will refund to the Hirer the cost of necessary repairs not exceeding £25 (or more if the Lessor's consent has been obtained) on production of V.A.T receipt and any parts replaced.
viii. If the Hirer commits any breach of this Agreement, the Lessor at his discretion may treat the Agreement as terminated and take possession of the vehicle.
ix. Hired vehicles may only be used for social, domestic and pleasure and in connection with the Hirer's business. They must not be used for racing, rallying, towing or driving tuition. Passengers must not be carried for hire or reward. Under no circumstances must the manufacturers recommended seating capacity of the vehicle be exceeded. Hirers breaking this rule may be liable to prosecution.
x. The Hirer is responsible for all damage above cab height caused by striking overhead objects and any damage to tyres however caused. Any damage thus incurred is not covered by the insurance and is the hirers sole responsibility.

D. Insurance/Vehicle Damage
All vehicles are insured. Hirer(s) are responsible for the excess amount detailed on the agreement up two thousand pounds for any damage. Tyres, wheels, punctures, lost wheel trims, missing fuel caps, broken aerials, loss of any parts (including spare wheel), tools, radio, lenses, mirrors, interior damage, over cab damage to Luton’s and 7.5t Trucks are not covered by insurance and in these cases the hirer is liable for the total cost or replacement. Excessive cleaning charges incurred due to misuse will also be passed on to the hirer. The vehicle is insured for the period mentioned on the rental agreement. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Lessor once this period is passed, the Hirer remains liable for any damages to the hire vehicle. Failure to report any accident within twenty-four hours will become the hirers responsibility.

E. Using Lessors Insurance
I. This agreement is subject to and deemed to include the terms, conditions and limitations of the Lessor's insurance policy.
II. Under this Agreement on behalf of the Hirer and by any driver accepted by the Lessor who has completed an Insurance Proposal Form.
III. The Hirer agrees to pay insurance charges on the Lessor's current tariff and the cost of any collision damage repair up to the amount of the Excess.
IV. The following are not covered by insurance and the Hirer will be responsible for the full cost of repair:
a) Roof damage caused as a result of hitting any overhead object.
b) All damage sustained to our vehicle as a result of allowing anybody that is not authorised under the rental agreement to drive the vehicle.
c) The full cost of any rectification charges as a result of carrying out repairs to our vehicle without prior written permission.
d) The full cost of the vehicle if the Hirer fails to report its theft to the police and ourselves as soon as the Hirer becomes aware that it has been taken.
e) Any damage caused to the vehicle by deliberate misuse or gross negligence.

F. Using Hirer's Own Insurance
I. The Hirer undertakes to insure the vehicle, equipment and accessories in its full value against loss or damage (including windscreen damage) by accident, fire or theft under a comprehensive policy by an insurer approved by the Lessor. At the Lessors request the Hirer must provide full details of the policy before hire commences and shall instruct his insurers that the Lessors name be endorsed on the policy.
II. The Hirer shall not use or permit the vehicle to be used in contravention of terms and conditions of the Hirer's policy.
III. The Hirer undertakes to indemnify the Lessor against loss of revenue in the event of:
a) the vehicle suffering damage rendering it inoperative for the period from the date of such damage until the vehicle is completely repaired and returned to the Lessor.
b) loss or theft to the vehicle’s components, rendering the vehicle inoperative for period until the vehicle is returned in a hireable condition.
c) the vehicle being badly damaged such that the insurers pronounce the vehicle beyond economic repair, from the date of such damage occurring up until the date the insurers make their declaration of a write-off.

G. Obligations of the Hirer
The Hirer is obliged:
I. to pay on the Lessor's current tariff for rental and fuel, to pay for any accessories, tyres, tools or equipment lost, stolen or damaged. To pay the Lessor's costs of recovering the vehicle in the event that the Hirer fails to return it to the Lessor, to pay any penalties, fines or court costs incurred in the use of the vehicle before it is returned to the Lessor and which the Lessor is obliged to pay (save which caused by the fault of the Lessor) and to pay V.A.T. where appropriate at the current rate.
II. to ensure the correct tyre pressures, engine oil level, battery fluid level, screen wash levels, coolant levels and Automatic Transmission oil level (where fitted) are maintained throughout the period of rental.
III. to ensure that the vehicle is always locked when unattended and to take all reasonable steps to prevent loss of or damage to the vehicle, or its tyres, tools, accessories, equipment or contents.
IV. to inform the Lessor immediately if the vehicle suffers any damage or loss, develops any fault or requires any servicing? and to permit the Lessor to carry out any essential repairs or servicing.
V. to return the vehicle together with its accessories, tyres tools and equipment to the Lessor at the place specified overleaf at or before the end of the rental period or on the earlier termination of this Agreement in the condition prevailing at the commencement of the rental (fair wear and tear excepted), clean and tidy (traffic grime excepted).

H. Obligations of the Lessor
The Lessor is obliged:
I. to take all reasonable steps to provide the Hirer with a well-maintained vehicle.
II. When informed of a breakdown by the Hirer, to see that the necessary repairs are carried out promptly, if possible.
III. if repairs to the hired vehicle cannot be carried out promptly, to provide a substitute vehicle or to allow the Hirer to terminate the hire.

I. Fuel
The hirer is required to pay for fuel used during the hire. Any extra fuel left in the tank at the end of the hire will not be credited. Customers may return the vehicle with less fuel and be charged for missing fuel at the end of the rental at the lessors determined price. Please note a surcharge will be applied for this facility.

J. Payments/Deposits
Payment is required by credit card or debit card. Cash, cheque, and pre-paid credit cards are not accepted. Third parties may prepay for a rental online or over the phone. Third parties making payments will be liable for all terms and conditions detailed on the rental agreement including the liability statement.

K. Extension of Rental
If the Hirer wish to extend the rental beyond the date of termination on the agreement it is essential that the Hirer inform us in advance and the additional charges are paid so the insurance may be extended. If the Hirer fails to do so the Hirer will not be insured to use the vehicle and liable for all charges.

L. Rentals to Ireland and Europe
These hires are available at our discretion and are subject to surcharge and prior agreement.

M. Advance Bookings/Availability/Delivery
Advance booking will be accepted by phone or email but can only be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit or credit card details. In the event of the vehicle reserved being unavailable, an alternative from the same or higher group will be supplied. The rate for the model originally reserved will be charged.

N. Charges
I. Current rates that exclude VAT are used for pricing.
II. The Hirer will be responsible for paying the following charges.
a) Administration costs which arise in dealing any matters detailed in the liability statement and outside of the terms of the rental agreement.
b) All charges, including legal and administrative costs for any road-traffic offence or parking (local authority or private), congestion or toll charges, or any other offence or charges involving the rental vehicle, including costs from the vehicle being clamped, seized or towed away. The Hirer are responsible for paying the appropriate authority or company for any charges and costs. The Hirer will also be responsible for paying our administration charges for dealing with these matters. However, where it is not reasonably practicable to transfer liability for any such fine or charge, we may use our discretion to settle the fine or charge with the appropriate authority and re-charge the Hirer such amount together with an administration charge.
c) The reasonable cost of repairing any damage to the vehicle which was not noted at the start of the agreement, whether the Hirer were at fault or not.
d) A loss-of-income charge will be applied if we cannot rent out the vehicle because it needs to be repaired. We will charge the Hirer at the published daily rate.
e) Any recovery charges arising from the Driver and Vehicle Services Agency (DVSA), HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the police, or any other organisation or their agents, who have seized our vehicle while on hire to the Hirer. The Hirer will also have to pay us a loss-of-income charge while we cannot rent out the vehicle.

O. Data Protection
By entering into this rental agreement the Hirer agrees that we can process and store the Hirers personal information in connection with this agreement including data collected from the vehicle. We may use the Hirers information to analyse statistics, for market research, credit control and to protect our assets.

The Hirer agree that if the Hirer breaks the terms of this agreement we can pass the Hirers personal information to credit-reference agencies, debt collectors, the police or any other relevant organisation. We can also give this information to the ProHire Risk Database, which can share the Hirers personal information with its members to prevent crime and protect their assets, as allowed under the Data Protection Act 1998.

P. The Law
We aim to deal with all disputes amicably. If we cannot deal with a dispute, we may refer the matter to conciliation. This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any disagreement may be settled in the courts of that country. This agreement contains all the conditions which we have agreed and replaces any written or verbal agreements we have with the Hirer.